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What really makes me unique amongst the rest of the Bar? I am an Award winning fine artist, sculptor and Sports Cartoonist. My work, both fine art and my satirical cartoon takes on American Sports have been collected and owned by Champions of Industry, Celebrities and Champions of Sports. Among those who own my work include: The Dan Topping Family (Dan Topping owned the New York Yankees during the Yankees' 1950s dominance), The Los Angeles Dodgers, The Los Angeles Clippers, Peter Ueberroth, The Roy Campanella Family, Ted Turner, and Christopher Knight (Peter Brady from the Brady Bunch) to name-drop a few.

I was the Featured Editorial Sports Cartoonist for the Los Angeles Daily News for over two decades. My bronzes sculptures of sports and sportsmen, have been collected and admired by fans (including a couple of Lawyers!).

My work has been recently featured in the Lang Newspaper Group publications (both print and online), and ESPN did a write-up on my  satirical take on ESPN's "The Body Issue". Check out the links below: